this post whirled into my mind, due to a comment made on my shoutbox sometime back… :)
the written word has for long been a great tool for storage – storage of thoughts, of happenings and whatever one feels should be recorded somewhere… of course there are some who feel that a picture would do the trick, but to each his own, is all i’ll say about that.. and it doesn’t actually matter because this post would also relate to photographs – after all they are also storage devices…
whether it is the written word or the photograph, the creator, at least in his subconscious, feels it is for posterity… a tool which would give himself or others an account of the moment/era in which it was taken, whenever it is seen again…. but as time passes, and i mean, a long time, they either get lost or if they do appear, do so in museums or private collections..i dont know about the photos, but the written words do get called manuscripts.
pieces of history which gives us glimpses of what had been..only glimpses, because though the creator would have wanted it to be a complete explanation, we can only make calculated guesses, and whether we are right in our guesses, is also, only a guess……..
millions of bloggers worldwide writing daily accounts/ thoughts on the world they live in, the world of their dreams, technology, music, sex, philosophy, careers… what kind of glimpses will they provide to the people in 4004, words staring back from a visual interface, perhaps loaded from an ancient server…
so, is it history we are typing? our present, someone’s history… called manuscrypts, bloughts, whirlwings, jabberwhackies… all with their own explanations…..
until next time, keep making history :)