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A while before i was born, there was a generation i would have loved to be part of… they are identified by a number of descriptors – flower power, hippies, love and peace etc.
the 70’s was their time, and the protests against what was then conventional in society, were made in several forms – from agitation on the streets to men wearing their hair long and from groupism and drugs to song lyrics…That generation was very clear in their belief that society and humanity as a whole were going on a path that wouldn’t quite turn out to be the right one, in the years to come… from the wars that were being fought for all the wrong reasons, to the pressure exerted by society on them to conform, they felt everything was going wrong.. and they fought it, by turning the tables on the way things were functioning then.. by just walking out with long hair and unkempt beards and staying in groups and resorting to drugs… not all of it was good, but they made a point…
This generation is also seeing wars, but with wrong reasons on both sides. 9/11 wasn’t right, but nor was the attack on iraq… 7/7 was not right, but nor was the gunning down of an innocent guy.. but i dont see terrorism as the biggest enemy, for it can be resolved if people can be made to sit and discuss issues.. and though that was putting it simply, it still can be done…
the bigger enemy is us, for we have forgotten humanity… in a purely materialistic society, where technological advancement and career/economic advancement are the indeces of society’s and the individual’s development respectively, there is simply no time to lend a helping hand to those more unfortunate than us, because MMS scandals, the status of the brad pitt-angelina jolie affair, the ambani feud etc are more important to us…but when i see a ‘go slow’ movement thats gathering steam in Europe, and a ‘blank noise’ happening around me, i think we might be in for a fight.. a neo flower power movement, and a way to drag us back to a better path…
until next time, how can we play a part??

Key Bored!!

Maybe we trust the machine too much. Or maybe we expect it to do too much for us.. well anyway, the damn key on the computer keyboard does not work, or was too bored to work, and so i had to manually shift all the stuff to our new office….
i should have known, have tried to esc a lot of times, but failed!! wonder whether we really ctrl the machines, or they control us…..

until next time, is there an alt??


Once upon a time, a couple of years back, the job got a bit boring in the afternoon..
so he decided to make a blog on rediff…
so blogs became a regular feature, twice maybe even thrice a week..
so it went on, the search for co bloggers..
so a few friends were made, but rediff was becoming boring…
so he decided to experiment with the template..
so html was shifted around, but it still was boring..
so he decided to shift to a new location…
so whats so great about that, you might he’d say, its really nothing great, just that he has been writing
so much in this place that he just found out that this one is actually post number sau…
until next time, i’m waiting.. someone say ‘so sweet’ :)

Remix Hits…

Not exactly a revolutionary topic for a post, but maybe its like one of those old songs we have forgotten, and get suddenly reminded of, when we hear a remix… and so it is, a topic which keeps cropping up now and then, or rather a remix of different topics….
it seems like a cycle – forgetting and remembering… especially with music.. maybe that explains the success of remixes.. of course, the videos play a major part, but yet, there must be something about a song that inspires remixes… these days, maybe we really dont get time to enjoy a song, rather , enjoy it so much and so many times that it gets imprinted in our minds..because the next ‘happening’ song is just around the corner.. and so a ‘refresh’ is inevitable every few months.. a reminder about songs we used to like…
SwB wrote a post sometime back about not knowing the words of the national anthem.. maybe this generation considers ‘Jana Gana Mana…’ also as a relic of the past, a baggage that must be shedded.. in this day of fading geographical boundaries, maybe there is no space for patriotism, maybe it has lost out to the MNCs and call centers that provide the daily bread…
having said all that, i do know an old song that was quite a hit from the 40s to the late 60s. in fact, our generation and those after us also know it, though it hasnt been quite that popular, but the ‘pokemon/ harry potter’ generation kids also stand in attention when it is sung every morning in school… if we remixed that song, it perhaps would replace a ‘Rock Anthems – Remix’, and the #1 selling album for some time would be “National Anthem – Remix”….
until next time, Jai Hind rocks… or is it Jay Sean??

The Morning news

He walked around the room, as if caged. and every minute, his anger grew.. for the third morning in a row, he had not got the newspapers. he had already called the vendor a couple of times, in the last two days. he had thought that at least today things would return to normal. but it didnt seem like it would. and it was no fun going down two floors of stairs to see if the paper had come, and discovering that it had not. he loved the view from the terrace, but living on the second floor had its own drawbacks. in irritation he called up the vendor again.
‘Sir, we have already sent it” said the vendor
‘well, i havent been getting the paper for 2 days now. tell the paperboy very clearly it is the second floor’.
‘sir, it could be that the people on the ground floor have been taking your paper. dont worry, sir, i have given the boy special instructions.
‘ok. i will wait.’
saying so, he ended the conversation. he decided he would resume his ‘caged walk’ on the terrace,with an occasional peep downstairs to see if the paper had come.
the boy had been getting a beating for no fault of his own, for the past couple of days. apparently some guy had not been getting the newspaper for two days now. he knew the house, and also knew what might be happening to the paper. he had told his boss, and today, his boss had given him some special instructions. he hoped it would work, he hated getting beaten. he reached the house, and took the special bundle, special, because the two newspapers were bound together with a cord. and with all his might, heaved it towards the second floor terrace.
at that exact moment, the man looked down… and hard hitting news got a whole new meaning!!
until next time, this is the lead story!!

Silly points

I have a feeling that my esteemed host, Blogger, is beginning to have problems with longish posts… have been trying for quite a few days now to post, but though the system accepts my test posts, the moment i post my real post, there are problems…maybe thats the way it is now,from blogger to cricket, short is sweet…. and so small posts and twenty twenty cricket may just be the future…
But having said that, i do recall a good punchline i saw recently for some local crickettournament which said ‘The future of cricket is limited’… i really believe they were also referring to the indian team.. inspite of having perhaps the maximum number of potential match winners in a team, as a whole, they just ain’t good enough.. although it is said that the sum of the parts is always lesser than the whole, we have a sad case of some of the parts being too big for the whole!!
Meanwhile, have been hearing the Pakistan captain Inzy requesting the English team to play a test in Karachi, but the English team has been vehemently refusing citing security reasons… i am actually wondering, after 7/7 and with Javed Mian as the proud dad after his son’s marriage to Dawood’s daughter, Karachi might just be the safest place on the planet, at least, as far as cricket venues go…
until next time, maybe maybe Dawood XI vs Dravid XI is the future….

Time, and time again…..

Alarm. brush. tea. shave. shit. newspaper. fm. tv. morning headlines. bath. dress. kickstart. petrol. traffic.honk. abuse. good morning. meeting. mail. excel. tea. word. monster. boss. powerpoint. lunch. good afternoon. crib. meeting. call/wife/husband/girlfriend/boyfriend. browse. blog. meeting. agency. tea. socialise. bitch. consultant. boss. plan. mail. good evening. deadline. tea. browse. shutdown. traffic. honk. #$^%&%. tv. plan. music. eat. post. tv. goodnight.
all through the day, we race against time, and at night, while we sleep, time races ahead…
until next time, who’s winning??