Come to think of it, i think there might have been a reason behind the ‘dumb post’… after a period of regular writing, the posts start getting a bit monotonous… like getting stuck in a certain groove.. to the extent that i know broadly what all i could possibly write here, and expect to write exactly that when i sit down to write the post…remember the time when i used to write only stories.. just about the time that phase ended,i had contemplated quitting the blog for sometime, because a twist in each tale is quite a task to accomplish, especially if you are doing only that… but it isnt that easy to let go, and so,after a bit of thought, i decided i wouldnt restrict myself with any constraints…
but after a lil look at the last few posts, i have realised that maybe it is not something i do consciously, getting into the groove, that is, but the problem is that sooner or later, i will sound like a broken record, and that definitely isnt good news…but guess what the twist in this is..
if i do decide not to write according to a pattern, then i have to consciously write posts that do not fall into a pattern, and knowing me, THAT would then become the pattern… yes, i also realise that i have written a post almost as dumb as the last one, and that wasn’t exactly conscious..uh oh, do you think i am already in the groove?

until next time, this one is just for the record :)