Chetan Bhagat

Chetan Bhagat is back with another masala entertainer. Set in Gujarat in the early 2000’s, it traces the life of the main characters through the calamities that befall the state – natural and man made. But the story is about the dreams of a young man Govind, and the mistakes he makes while trying to realise them.
As always, the narrative is fast paced, especially towards the end (which is quite Bollywood), and there is definitely some humour, though the overall theme is quite dark. And while the novel is definitely not preachy, it does give those little nuggets of philosophy like the author’s earlier works, like ‘We can only optimise life, never solve it’.
Definitely worth a read, it is bound to keep you entertained, so long as you don’t start out with the premise that you’re going to read something that will change life the way you knew it.