I think Nasi and Mee opened just as we were moving to Whitefield. But we had heard so many good things about it that a plan had been in the works for a long while. The plan just kept getting postponed, and would have continued to, but for a couple of friends who thankfully manage to be very unsympathetic to the rigorous planning with which I plan my restaurant outings! And thus we landed in Koramangala, on a rainy Friday night, after having spent the previous hour and a half trapped in an Uber in slow motion. Even as we were pointing out to each other the changes on 80 feet Road, Koramangala, we spotted Nasi and Mee adjacent to what can arguably be now called a heritage hangout – Rendezvous!

Somehow, the space manages to give itself a hipster feel, helped by a largely young crowd. Great buzz, and just the right amount of light for us older folk to see around, and look at the menu.


From a menu that left us deliberating quite a bit, thanks to the choice, we began with what must be had when it can be found – Tom Kha Gai! The others, who didn’t subscribe to our profound affection, asked for a Chilly & Lemon Clear Soup. The Tom Kha just about made it to the table before it was slurped up. That also meant that photography was forgotten. You’ll have to take my word that it was fantastic – flavourful as ever and just the right consistency and coconut milk flavour. (that it was powder could barely be discerned) The other soup was mildly spicy with a touch of sour. The Xiao Long Bao had a very thin wrapping that contained a soup and a seasoned filling, three out of the five of us managed to keep the wrap intact. The soup and the dip worked really well with each other. We also tried the Che Chow dim sums – chicken filling which went well with the spicy chili sauce that was among the three sauces on the table. (reminded us of Delicacy)


Texture change was brought about in the form of the Chatuchak Fried Chicken – marinated chicken wings named after the famous Thai weekend market. I found it just about okay.

For the main course, we ordered a Phad Krapao Gai, which had the chef special icon and more importantly a double chili icon too. The harmless sounding stir fried chicken, rice, fried egg and salad combination was superbly spicy and reminded me of a spicy sambal Bali experience! The Nasi Lemak Istimewa sounded interesting too – coconut infused rice with sambal, peanuts, ikan bilis and rendang – and delivered with a variety of flavours and texture. The Garlic Butter chicken fried rice was as filling (and tasty) as it sounded and that with the Black Bean beef left us really full.

However Chendol was on the menu! My experience with the dish in Bangalore has been very bad, but this one was fantastic and brought back fond memories of our South East Asia trips, where this was much loved and regularly consumed. I didn’t try the Lychee ice cream, but everyone else loved it.



A meal for five people left us poorer by a little under Rs.3200, which, considering the location, quality and quantity of food served, is a steal. Not to mention the superb service. I want to go back!

Nasi and Mee, 974, 80 feet Road, 4th Block, Koramangala Ph: 8041513456