In the recent past, whenever we look at “newly opened places” on Zomato, Kalyan Nagar is quite the dominant player. While I am yet to ascertain the exact difference in coordinates between that place and Kammanahalli, given that we’re in Bangalore, it’s probably just a difference on what side of the road one is on! Kammanahalli was mostly nothing when we used to stay in Cox Town a decade ago, but soon after we shifted back to Koramangala, the place started sprouting restaurants and that too varied cuisines! We still hold that grudge and that, plus the thought of having to cross Tin Factory, have kept us away from this part of the town. All we did was look at it guardedly on our way to the airport and back. It was the microbrewery that changed the equation.

And thus we headed to Brewklyn fairly early on a Saturday evening to beat the traffic. (map) I really liked the area – seems well planned, and in the context of eateries very well sorted! The same building has a Barbeque Nation, and across the road, we could see Korean, Chettinad and steak cuisines! Brewklyn is on the 4th and 5th floors, and since we found a nice road-facing spot on the former, we didn’t bother going upstairs until after we finished our meal. On a relative note, I found the ambiance downstairs a little more gastropub (despite the graffiti and the pool table) and the upstairs section more like a brewery. Downstairs, you could seat yourselves on some plush seating inside or like us, watch the skyline on bar stools outside. The view was fantastic, especially so since we reached around dusk.

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We were sure that we would try Brewklyn’s Finest, but asked for samplers of Ale Capone and Iron Mike. The former was pale ale, and crisp enough for us to order a 500 ml. (they don’t serve 330 ml :|) Iron Mike is dark wheat with obvious caramel, chocolate and coffee flavours. Not that we didn’t like it, but we weren’t really sure we could finish a 500 ml. Brewklyn’s Finest is the standard Belgian witbier with a slight citrusy finish. Light and refreshing.

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The sight of pork and beef on the menu is a joy words cannot express adequately. Bullet Pork and Beef Chili were immediate choices. The former has a single chili warning, and the person who took our order also mentioned that it would be spicy. But it made D cry and ask for some garlic bread help. It also cleared my sinuses in two bites. This had to be the spiciest thing I have had in ages. (Zingron!) But that shouldn’t take away from the amazingly well cooked shredded pork with homemade sauce and bullet chilis. To be noted that there are dishes with a 2 chili warning! In comparison, the Beef Chili, which also had a single chili mention, was much milder. Diced and very well cooked beef with a mildly spicy masala. Both these serve as great partners for beer.

We weren’t particularly in the mood for elaborate mains, so decided on Beef Nachos. I didn’t really fancy the Nachos, but the beef mince and the sauces were very good. Thanks to those 500 ml beers, we really didn’t have room for dessert.

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All of it came to a little less than Rs.2300. Arguably on the expensive side of things, but we had a great experience. Friendly service, superb music, and a splendid view of the skyline. We are definitely going to visit again.

Brewklyn, 30 CMR Road, HRBR Layout, Kalyan Nagar Ph: 49652529