That, I thought, was the best way to celebrate the release of Narcos Season 3. And that’s when we landed there, on a rainy Bangalore night, after having passed it a few times on our way back from Phoenix Market City. Pablo’s is right next to Biergarten. (map)

After slushing our way in, thanks to the rain, we realised that the interior resembled that of the swimming pool next door! To be fair, it was heavily raining, and I think the high, tiled roof was under heavy pressure from the evening on. Anyway, it was easy to find a dry place since there were only a few tables occupied. The place is relatively huge, and the seating is actually just benches and bright chairs. The ubiquitous giant screen also exists.

collage 1

Despite the weather literally playing dampener, the appearance of beef and pork in the menu was enough to brighten up our evening! We immediately asked for Chilly Beef and Chilly Pork, munched on some very nice bread sticks and contemplated what to drink. D was intrigued by both Jail Break (I did wonder if it was a comment on her life with me) and Moody Mohan, so I volunteered to try the former.

Mohan arrived in a little pot, and though it was technically a Sangria, the combination of wine, dark rum, and litchi juice somehow gave it a flavour far different from a Sangria. I completely missed the Paan and honey touch in Jail Break, which was whiskey and Pineapple juice. It wasn’t a bad mix though.

I had a feeling I had tasted this particular Chilly Beef somewhere before. D guessed it right – Stones in Indiranagar. Well cooked beef, though we’d have liked it spicier. The Pork made up for that – fantastic stuff that opened my sinuses! :)

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We then decided to try a Beef N BBQ sauce Pizza. Thin crust, with a bit too sweet sauce, which we tempered with chili flakes and Tabasco! The Meat Fest (with Goan Sausage) Penne in a sun-dried tomato and cream sauce was tasty, but clearly Indian in its flavours.

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The service was prompt and pleasant, and the F&B weren’t a┬ácomplete disaster as I had feared, but unlikely that we’d repeat. It probably makes more sense for the hookah crowd – we saw a couple of those.

Pablo’s Gastrobar, 2, Graphite India Road, Whitefield. Ph: 8880315315