One Sunday, when we wanted to visit a new place but also wanted the comfort of a regular haunt, and were wondering how to reconcile the two, lo and behold, the answer arrived – Chin Chin. No, that isn’t a sound effect, it’s the name of The Biere Club’s new endeavour in place of Mustard & Cress. The seat covers have changed, and so obviously has the menu. The decor has been modified, but everything else remains unchanged.

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The menu has both beef and pork, a rarity these days, even in Asian cuisine restaurants. Oktoberfest meant that the microbrewery was serving Marzen, whose full bodied maltiness I really liked. D stuck to her favourite wheat beer. We began with the Vietnamese Grilled Beef tenderloin. It did lead to a discussion on how nothing (beef) can seemingly beat the Kerala beef roast, but the beef was well made, and the dip had a nice tang and spice mix that brightened up proceedings quite a bit. The Chicken & Spring Onion Gyoza was next, and once again, the dips, especially the green one was the highlight.

For the mains, we tried the Malaysian Stir fried Flat Rice Noodles with Pot Roasted Pork, and the Diced Szechuan Chicken. The noodles and pork combination, though well cooked, was a little saltier than we would have liked. The chicken was as spicy as we wanted but carried the tang a little too far. Thankfully, beer helped!

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The service was stellar. The music was not very Asian, but more contemporary hits. We were actually fine with that because it was a good playlist. The wallet was lighter by around Rs.2200. There are many more things to try on the menu, so we will most definitely be back!

Chin Chin, 153, Biere Street, Hagadur Main Road, Whitefield Ph: 9845887454