Home, virtually

The idea of home has made its presence felt many times on this blog – personal perspectives, as well as its evolution based on the institutional realignment line of thought. In fact, this is one of those topics  which I continue to have many thought wrestling matches on. While home begins as a physical place, as one steps out of it and moves out into the larger world, one realises that it becomes as much a place that is created in the mind.


To quote Pico Iyer, “For more and more of us, home has really less to do with a piece of soil than, you could say, with a piece of soul.” The ‘piece of soul’ changes with circumstances and choices – from childhood, landmarks, experiences and so on to a different set of people and places, and a different sense of purpose, for instance. All of this continue to change over time, until probably, at a certain point, you realise the set of places, people and props you’d want around in your final years. But let’s not get morbid ahead of time! :)

To quote Pico again, “Home is not just the place where you happen to be born. It’s the place where you become yourself.” And sometimes it can be both. It also explains why I did not recognise a future home when I saw one – 11 years back, on a screen not very different from this one. That’s what this post is about – to acknowledge the day it all began – 11 years ago. It is also a hat tip to Rediff, where I began my blogging journey (when I spoke at BlogAdda recently, most people didn’t know Rediff used to have blogs) and a nod of thanks to my 25 year old self who had no idea what he was getting into and wrote some horrible verse to start it all off.

A place that, in a click, helps me travel back in time and shows me people, perspectives and pages, some of whom/which I have outgrown, but have influenced what I am today. Experiences that have shaped the course of my life. A journal of the past which continues to help me shape my narrative – thoughts, to words, to actions, and beyond. A place where I continue to become myself.


A piece of my soul that is my consciousness and on many occasions, even my conscience. A homepage that I consider home. :)

until next time, thanks for reading!

Smoked Out barbecue

You’d probably not find it if you weren’t looking for it. Which is probably a good thing, since the place would work for you only if you enjoy this kind of food, and the ‘tasty’ smoke that comes with it. Else you’d most likely be smoked out. It’s located on 8th Main, Koramangala, the same as Ooty Chocolates, and the one that goes from Dalma on 100 feet Road towards 1st Block Koramangala. If I have confused you enough, here’s a map. Parking should be a breeze.

There are about half a dozen tables, and you can see your meal getting cooked. You can watch the road too, and generally relax to some good music. The only thing you’d probably miss is a beer. In essence, a place you would consider keeping a secret, just so you can easily find a table the next time you’re there. 😉 There’s a sprinkling of attitude too, check out the coasters. Also loved the menu board!


The menu (click to enlarge) is to the point, so don’t expect to see casual mentions of noodles or butter chicken anywhere. We decided to start with a Grilled Beef Burger and a Whole Thigh, and add to it in case we felt hungry. The Burger was excellent, crisp on the outside, superbly ground meat inside and helped by a tasty sweet and spicy sauce. The French Fries deserve a mention purely for the flavour that they brought to the table. Cheesy, mildly salty and overall a great complement to the burger. The Whole Thigh is served with a veg salad and garlic bread. Though it was quite decent, I’d have liked the chicken grilled a bit more. Since we were still hungry, we also got ourselves a Grilled Chicken Fillet Burger which was as impressive as its beef cousin. Continuing the theme of the restaurant, the desserts are also grilled (fruits). But we had a movie to catch and therefore skipped.


Thanks to Poshvine, the bill came to less than Rs.450. Reasonably good service, the owner is usually around and helps you with choices and takes the order himself. If you are fond of barbecue, or want to try it out, this should be in your to-do list.

Smoked Out barbecue, 8th Main Rd, Koramangala 4th Block, Ph: 9980199822

PS: 9 years is around the time one gets too old for birthdays, but can’t help mention that this is the date on which it all started 9 years ago. The amazing coincidence is that though the review has been published now, I visited the place on my birthday in March!

This too shall pass…

Not a simple subject, but he’d been reading up, and even writing about it. Though he hadn’t completely internalised it, he felt he was beginning to understand. But the actuality of ‘transience’ hit him when his computer crashed. Photos, notes, accumulated over 7 years. Gone! Data recovery attempts failed. He too was yet to recover.

until next time, 8 years of blogging

P.S. A good time to realise that at some point, this too shall pause :)

Say when….

Those of you who’ve been reading the blog the last seven days would know that we’ve finally completed the Sikkim series. (pics) (for those who haven’t, here’s a guilt-edged invite, hmmph)

Its time to move on. Away from the stalk-aided twitter environment, and the web in general, I had enough time and inclination to let my mind wander. I am not a regular viewer of ‘Prison Break’, but a while back, i’d tweeted a Theodore ‘T-Bag’ Bagwell (played by Robert Knepper, who you might know as the awesome Samuel Sullivan in Heroes) line, which I came across quite randomly. It goes “We are captives of our own identities, living in prisons of our own creation.”

The vacation, and its ups and downs, expectations and comparisons in general, perceptions formed and set, until its one big clouded piece of baggage, they all occupied the mind. Every time the mind wanted to break free, there was a resistance. I wondered about the blog, myself and ‘prisons of our own creation’. The limits I have unwittingly set for the blog- which in a way, mirrors life too, the possibilities that might have been disrupted by diligence. You too, perhaps? Of what kind of things you like to see here? Maybe the transience of this entire exercise is something I’ve yet to come to terms with.

But it’s funny when you think about it. Us. You and me. There are probably less than 10 readers of this blog, who I can claim to have met, or even spoken to, outside of the web’s confines. The only thing that connects us is perhaps the words here, the thoughts shared, and the images we have created of each other.

Come close and then even closer
We bring it in but we go no further
We’re separate, two ghosts in one mirror, no nearer

But I guess that’s okay too. I look at blogrolls, posts, comments, and I have more than enough reasons to be happy with the time I spent on this blog. There’s a reason that I’m looking back at all of this.

Those of you who’ve been reading the blog for a little longer , about seven years, would know that today, we complete that too.  :)

Thanks for reading.

Some of this was here before us
All of this will go after us
It Never stops until we give in, give in, say when….

(Say when, The Fray)

until next time, seventh heaven :)

PS. New design and the FB like button implemented. So next time you like, and you’re ok with the ‘Like’ showing in your FB activity stream, click on. It will prompt you for logging in to FB

The Real and the Virtual

He got married on April 24th 2003, to the woman he had loved for six years. He noted that somehow it all seemed to add up to 6. And so, on the sixth day he created ‘manuscrypts‘. From then on he was in seventh heaven. It’s been six years.
It would’ve ended there, but manuscrypts was tempted to finish his sixth year with sixty six words.

until next time, six degrees of separation :)

PS: Next post, in about 7 days. :)

Panchvi Pass

They asked him about his new fad. He said it was a 55, a concept/story told in 55 words, no more no less. They said, okay when would he stop. He said, soon. Actually, it was just a quirky race, to complete fifty five 55s before his blog turned 5. That day would be tomorrow.

Until next time, ab tak pachpan :)


She removed her clothes, one by one; all the while aware he was watching her. Slowly, for she was waiting for him to join her. He didn’t. He thought girls hated being disturbed while washing their dolls; he didn’t like playing with dolls anyway.

The bridegroom had been engaged once before the marriage. The bride had had two affairs before the marriage. At 33, she realised there had been just about enough of foreplay in her life, and hoped that her fairytale wedding would have a wonderful climax.

They were all here, by invitation, and they all wanted to know what this was all about. But they would have to wait a little longer, for there was one more episode to go before all became clear. He was hoping they would wait.

What was that about? It was nothing much, it was just that his blog was celebrating its fourth anniversary, and he thought writing four episodes of forty four words would be a good way to celebrate it. Until next time, how was the fourplay?

Ash’s to ashes

and dust to dust.. thats how ash’s relationships seem to be going…. and the latest reason sounds like the title song of Aamir’s mutiny movie… funny that both the relationship and the movie sank without a trace… nope, it isnt a connection for the sake of a pun…:)
wonder how many of you remember ‘Hi, I am Sanjana’.. that was the first time i remember Ash on Tv… it was a much awaited ad from pepsi, featuring the nation’s then chocolate hero, Aamir Khan and a relatively less known Ash.. and thats around the time i convinced a certain ‘Cool Drinks’ shop owner that the pepsi poster featuring Ash would look much better on my wall than in his store… and then came the beauty contests, and the movies, and Ash went from looking hot in cold drink ads to looking cold even in hot scenes.. cant actually think of any exact time when the transformation happened, but yes, do remember the huge black and white poster bought in Chennai to celebrate the 12th Board results, for a princely sum of Rs.50 :)
There have been many men in her life after that 😉 – Salman Khan, Vivek Oberoi, with the latest being Bachchan’s bachcha… and while Ash has been wearing whole range of hats from a modelto a Miss World to a Bollywood Diva, i have completed a hat trick too, a hattrick, for April 29 marks the end of the third year of blogging…
until next time, for a mistress of spices, variety can only be another spice in life :)

Just a second…..anniversary special

All this while, there’s been reason and no rhyme
And to the rhymester within, thats been a crime
So he thought, what better way to celebrate a blog birthday
than rhyming about all the guys he’s met on the way….
For all who think he’s better off keeping mum
This is nothing, the verse is yet to come….

Aqua wants us to remember
that we have dreams in December

Here’s where we get elixir, but sadly, only a drop,
coz as the line goes,’once you start, you can’t stop’

then there’s the apple of newton’s eye
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Until a jolt of reality, a potpourri of thoughts she used to fill,
pallavi’s the name, and the blog that rocks is called jilmil…

Unless you have gone totally blind
a million light bulbs should help read the mind…

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Just a workshop?, nope, its not so simple,
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The view from the tower must be supreme,
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Finding a vanilla field is easier than i thought
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The spirituality and the name -blokesablogin
got me confused, thought it was yang, turned out to be yin…

Arvind Iyer is the ‘lean dude with attitude’
hey, its trademarked, unauthorised use could get you sued…

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Pompy’s blog is “off the cuff”

but you wouldnt realise, judging from the stuff

Imagine a blog by satchit haridas,
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Crabbie likes to call it goofiness personified
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one of the best templates you can find – thats “pradeeps’s mindspace”
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And from the days of rediff, i’ve been getting some pearls of wisdom,
She’s not on the list, but she’s as good as they come..

The journey that began on a boring tuesday,
has continued for 2 years, to this day…
for better or verse, this one is for all the bloggers i know
and the ones i dont, but who are still part of the show…