Food for Soul week

The Lovedale Foundation sent me a mail about an initiative called Food for Soul Week, which they’re organising in association with several restaurants across Bangalore (list below) as part of the Joy of Giving week, from the 2nd – 8th October. Details from their Facebook Page

The objective of this event is to create awareness and raise funds for Lovedale Foundation, an NGO which provides holistic education to under-privileged children from granite quarries in suburban Bangalore. In this initiative, all the participating restaurants are reserving a table ‘Food for Soul Table’ for Lovedale Foundation. Proceeds from that table will be donated by the restaurant towards supporting Lovedale Foundation. The funds raised through this event will be used to procure a school bus for the children of Lovedale Foundation. 

When you are thinking about where to lunch or dine during this week (2nd-8th October), think about the children who will benefit from your decision. Head straight to one of the participating restaurants and do not forget to ask for the special ‘Food for Soul’ table.

Enjoy a sumptuous meal and experience the little joys of life, the ‘Joy of Giving’!

List of participating restaurants and hotels: 
• Fava (UB City – 22117444) 
• Mocha (Lavelle Road – 42110094/95) 
• Mocha (Koramangala – 41570437)
• Mast Kalandar (all 25 outlets across Bangalore) 
• The Biere Club (42124383/84/86)
• Opus (23442580)
• The Gateway Hotel, Residency Road (66604545)

Do spread the word and if possible, take part.

The Art of Giving

There’s a theory about the internet I read somewhere that i keep bringing up in different contexts. It goes that if collective consciousness is the path to God, then the internet makes a great first step. To be in touch with the cosmos is perhaps the ideal state in spirituality, and while the cosmos does extend a lot beyond our planet, we could definitely start with being connected here first. And it is in this regard that I rate the potential of the internet to be very high.

Every time we log in to facebook or orkut or twitter or any social medium out there, we come across people and things we didn’t know about before. It gives us perspective and changes our perceptions about who and what we are. And that reminds me of another quote that I keep using, from the Matrix series “….I do not see coincidence, I see providence. I see purpose. I believe it our fate to be here. It is our destiny…” To me, that rings very true for the web. There is a reason why a tool like this has been brought into the life of arguably the smartest species on this planet, and I for one, believe that its role is to further our evolution and bring back things that were lost somewhere along our ‘progress’ – compassion for fellow beings, and the willingness to contribute to things that lie beyond our selfish interests.

And with that, I end my droning foreword, and would like to introduce to you, this website I came across – Rang De. No, this is not about Bollywood, but about adding color to others’ lives. I’d written about it in my other blog, and finally registered last week. The idea is to extend micro credit from socially conscious folks to the financially disadvantaged. And mind you, its not charity – you get back your money, with a modest interest.

So I’d like to tag you guys on this. If you’re reading this, I request you guys to check out the site, and write about it (if you have a blog) or spread the word in any way you can. I have just used it for the first time, and  just got a report on how my investment would be spent. So maybe you can start with a small amount and see how it works for you. But we do so many trivial tags, maybe we could do one for what seems a noble cause. It will hopefully connect us and give more meaning to lives – ours and others’.

until next time, add some color

Seventh Heaven

The blog’s editorial policy (ahem, we have one) ensures that tags are taken up only in the rarest of rare cases. One is when the tagger is someone who can’t be refused, and the second is when the subject is so compelling that it deserves a post. The relationship of the latter with ego massages, is a part of the above mentioned editorial policy that shall not be discussed. :)

So, I was conferred the Brillante Blog award by two bloggers who are very dear to me, and who I hold in very high regard. First, by Phatichar, and then by Ideasmith. And just as I began writing this post, Suma left me a message. Somebody likes my 55s! 😀

For those who came in late, this tag is an attempt to discover and connect to more blogs, and as part of this I have to write a post and display this award, and finally tag 7 blogs which appeal to me in content or design.  And so, without further ado, here are my seven wonders

A vividness that that knows no ends
A subtlety that transcends
An eye for detail that’s a gift from the maker
There’s no one quite like Austere seeker

The name could actually be a misnomer
For she has a never ending supply of humour
But then the sarcasm plays a hand
And we get Cynic in Wonderland

Life and Other Such Nonsense
The title does sound intense
LOL, that phrase would summarise
The hilarious and addictive Tys on Ice

From award related strife
To wonderful slices of life
Everything is of consequence
On Arunima’s Silent Eloquence

From Bangalore to Mumbai he was hurled
But he still reaches out to the world
And be the matter amusing or bemusing
Kavi will give it a trademark musing

An amazing blogger from Down Under
Whose radicalism can tear you asunder
Jolt you, yet humour you, if anyone can
That’d be Orhan Kahn

Sarcastic to the point of being misanthropic
With a humour, that’ll always be chic
For the best portrayal of life’s colors and hues
Visit my buddy Saltwater Blues

This damn list reminded me of the kind of menu cards I hate. The ones with about 20 awesome chocolate desserts, and i can manage only a measly seven.

until next time, i really wanted to tag this guy too 😉

Write, said Ideasmith

On how to write, and since some of the best bloggers have been part of the tag and written well about it, and since subjective views can go on forever, i shall impose a constraint on myself and try to express what i feel makes the written word interesting to the reader… The constraint is that i will stick to the brief, to the letter
Words – Not because Boyzone said so, but they remain the only means with which to convey the writer’s expression to the reader. Hence they must be chosen with care, for a single word can open up a world of emotions or reduce it to nothingness. In essence, words being the building material for any literary work, should be used with care.
Rhetoric – While words might be the building material, the writer has to sense how to use them. Just like good building material can be wasted without a plan, if the words do not flow in a manner thats interesting to others, their reason for existence is lost.
Imagination – What makes the written word interesting is not just how it is written, but what is written, and this is where the mental wanderings of the writer come into play. While its definitely possible to make the oft repeated tale interesting, a new thought definitely has the advantage in holding the reader’s attention.
Translation – The wandering can throw up several images for the writer to use, but if they are not translated properly into the written form of expression, they are wasted. The success of the written piece depends on the clarity with which it is communicated to the reader.
Introspective – The writer should be open to introspection, becuse more often than not, the best ideas are within. And not just the ideas, but the words of expression and all of the final text. For if an idea is given to a person, so is the power to fulfil it.
Non Subjective – It is often debated that the writer writes for self expression, and the views of the reader have only so much value. I, for one, would love to get the perspective of the reader too, and therefore, when writing , view the written word from a vantage point that i think the reader would have.
Gripping – fiction, non fiction, humour, drama – whatver be the context and content of the writing, it should be able to holdthe reader’s attention. If its through a new idea or perspective, great, if not, at least through the way in which it is presented. For if the interest wanes, then the purpose is defeated.

until next time, write on.
PS. Austere, Prerona, Tys, would be great if you can pick up the tag :)

Read Only Memories

Tagged by Prero
Total number of books owned:*Loading* (while i go check my shelf) 93

Last book(s) I bought:Cryptonomicon (gifted to me), Shalimar the Clown, The Peacock throne
Five books that I have really enjoyed or have influenced me:
Influenced: Tomorrow’s God, Fountainhead, The Lost Hero, The Drifters, God’s little Soldier (currently reading), a lot of magazines i can’t mention 😉
Enjoyed: Ramayana series (ashok Banker), Foundation series, Jeffrey archer (all), Night of the Dark Trees, The Great Indian Novel, and those magazines
Book(s) I’m currently reading:God’s Little Solidier
Books I plan to buy next: Strong believer in love at first sight, there’s no planning :)
Books that caught my attention but have never read: sigh, a lot of Maxim these days, but seriously, i usually end up buying the books that catch my attention
Books I own but have never got around to reading: Quite some, but here are a few – Lila, Desirable Daughters (that title is very misleading!!hehe), Goa ( i will, one day)…
until next time, pick up the tag, it might make a good read 😉

Some Threesome facts

It aint often that an austere soul tags you, so let me oblige :)

3 Things that scare me: Alzheimers, some of my previous posts, what did i say last?
3 People who make me laugh: Ram Gopal Varma, All The Simpsons, Bill Watterson
3 Things I love: Music, Fiction, D (not the company, just her company)
3 Things I hate: Most vegetables, Most work, pretentiousness (of course i know the meaning without looking it up)
3 Things I don’t understand: Himesh Reshammiya’s popularity, poetry (but Cherie, i will, one day!!), why we have to work for a living
3 Things on my desk: Clutter, a hot Channel V VJ(oh, okay, its only a calendar), theres clutter, remember? i cant see anything more!!
3 Things I’m doing right now: typing ‘3 things’, listening to music, no, i cant tell you THAT!!
3 Things I want to do before I die: Create something immortal, Travel in time, Solve the Who?What?Why? questions
3 Things I can do: read, dig my nose in public, complete a tag
3 Things I can’t do: Be social for the sake of it, have less sleep, tell you the third thing
3 Things you should listen to: good music, voices in your head (no, you dont need treatment), wife’s opinions (your own wife’s!!)
3 Things you should never listen to: Loudspeakers at close range, instructions in Fwd mails (does not include ones from the boss), my advice
3 Things I’d like to learn: Sneeze with my eyes open, turn my head 360 degrees, fly without wings
3 Favorite foods: Chocolate (dessert forms. oh, okay we also accept other forms),Chicken ,Bheja fry (usually D’s)
3 Beverages I drink regularly: Water, Tea, Gatorade (how the hell was i supposed to know its a sports drink & regulary because i had to finish the damn bottle)
3 Shows I watched as a kid: Spiderman on Sunday, Star Trek, Desperate Housewives (hey, i’m still a kid)
until next time, who wants to do the threesome? 😀