What have I been up to?

The nice folk at Social Samosa gave me a chance to describe exactly what I do for a living currently. You can read about Myntra’s strategy on social platforms in an interview here. :)

In other news, I just got back from a Philippines vacation. More about that on the other blog.

PS: Added a Media page since there have been a few quotes happening lately 😉

Social + e-commerce ≠ Social Commerce

The last 2 editions of Kuliza’s Social Technology quarterly impressed me with the breadth of perspectives as well as the understanding of the subject that the authors displayed. So when I was asked if I could contribute to the third edition, it was a pleasure.. and a challenge. The result is on Page 25, but if you are interested in social platforms, I’d advise you to sink into your chair and start from Page 1 :)

until next time, get social?

A Brand’s new story

Brands have always been storytellers, but new platforms bring with them opportunities and complexities that warrant a tweaking of the craft. Welcome to transmedia storytelling. And you can read the rest of my article on afaqs.  (Just this once, don’t mind) :)

Social’s Next Frontier – $ocial Commerce

1970 words is long even by my copious post standards, and that is the size of my article on afaqs, on social commerce. That, and a fortnight trip to Kerala meant that I was too lazy to write up something new here. I have shared the article on all the networks, but in case you haven't read it yet, now is a good time. Click right here.

Apparently, there is another reason to click it too, go

ing by the response to this tweet :)

But since the face isn't much to look at, I'm hoping you'll focus on the article :)