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  1. Karthik Shetty

    Hi Manu, my name is Karthik, and apart from being a techie and blogging a bit, I also ocassionally do restaurant reviews for Bangalore Mirror. I was wondering if you’d like to join me on one such review (today – I know it’s sudden) to a place called Albert Bakery in Frazer Town. If you can come, then call me at 98862 34194. I plan to be there by around 3 PM or 3:15 PM. If you can’t come, no porbs, call me nevertheless, and I’ll invite you when I”m going to some other place the next time. Cheers, Karthik


  2. Sandhya

    so i’ve sporadically followed your blogs and have been unable to decide what to tag you as… friend, fellow foodie, junior, writer remarkable, joker, entertainer or any of the self confessed descriptions you have attributed to yourself in the column ‘on the right side of the page’. all said and done, and all that’s not said and done, it’s wonderful to see someone i’ve known in my growing up years growing up to achieve a lot of what they were destined to; that they make┬áthe journey seem like a delightful process only adds to my heartfelt congratulations. hope you are well. mentally and otherwise. cheers – sandhya


  3. Shipra (a.k.a Elixir)

    Dude! Where do i drop in a hi…!!
    Came to your page hoping to read some interesting stuff.
    And i see you have diversified and boy have you diversified!!

    So much happening i see, will go through the page… complex – on the face of it. I liked your previous blog page better if i may say so.
    More to follow eventually!!

    (email required! Bah!)


    • manuscrypts

      This is exactly where you drop a hi :)
      Diversified? I’ve actually aggregated everything here!


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