Brand Storytelling

Recently, on Netflix, I caught something that I had read about almost a year back – an easter egg of sorts. On my feed, I saw shows ‘watched by Frank Underwood’. For those who haven’t watched House of Cards, that’s the name of the show’s protagonist,¬†played by Kevin Spacey. (fantastically, I’d add) The shows selected seem¬†absolutely true to (his) character, which is manipulative, scheming, and truly Machiavellian!

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Weekly Top 5

This week’s stories include Blackberry’s announcements at the World Conference – Playbook, NFC phones, Bing as default, Twitter statistics and third party ads, Facebook’s Social Deals and partnership with McAfee. Google Talk with video and voice and Google docs app for Android, YouTube’s expansion into Hollywood titles for rental, and a few Apple updates.