Gramin will go down in archives as the first veg restaurant to written about on this blog. Before going further, let me reassure readers that I’m too chicken to go veg, this is just an aberration caused by super villainess D, who, with a malicious smile, ignored her bitter half ,  and chose the weekend’s dining spot.

Gramin is located in Raheja Arcade. This is on the road that goes from Forum to National Games Village. When coming from the MG Road direction, it’d be best to take a left after the Tata Indicom office, and then, at the very end get on the road leading towards Forum. Raheja Arcade will then fall on the left, just before the Forum junction, and you can find parking on the service lane right after the building.

Gramin gets quite crowded after about 7.45, so unless you want to wait, its best to get there before that. It has two floors – ground and mezzanine, and the decor matches the ‘gramin’ theme of the place. Compact seating arrangements, I prefer the mezz floor.

We started with a Banjara Paneer Tikka starter. There were only two soup options, but that was compensated by lots of starter options. The tikka was not too spicy and came with an amazing chutney. We also had a masala butter milk and a sweet lassi. I had wanted a kala khatta but they had run out of it. The lassi was very sweet and thick, thoroughly enjoyable. The buttermilk was quite spicy, but if spice is what you want, then I’d recommend the Hari mirch soda, its quite awesome.

The starter had about 6 pieces and so we only ordered a single dish for the main course. That was the paneer onion chatka and it was a reasonably good choice, though i liked the bhurji we’ve had earlier, better. To go with that, we ordered a butter methi roti, and a stuffed kulcha. The kulcha was a bit burnt, but the methi roti was quite good, with quite a large quantity of butter.

And thus ended the sabzi outing. It cost us just over Rs.300. Gramin is a must try for all veggie Bangaloreans, they serve some excellent food. Its okay for the non veggies to give in once in a while too. We shall meat again soon! 😉

Gramin, 20-21, Raheja Arcade, Koramangala 7th Block. Ph: 41104104

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