That was the title of my presentation at Indian Social 2012, where I was one of the speakers (row 3, column 1) at a panel whose topic was ‘Measurement beyond Fans, Likes and Comments’. It was quite an amazing experience with some excellent speakers and panels. Ours was a power panel with a ’10 slides in 10 minutes’ guideline. (see the  presentations from other panelists here) Thanks to that, I was told by Dina, Surekha and Gautam, who were present during my talk, that an x/2 speed version of my presentation would really help. 😀 The slideshare embed and the scribd doc talk flow should help it move at whatever speed you are comfortable with. :)

So, that’s how it went – the wonderful experience of putting faces to names I’ve virtually known for a long time, meeting new people whom I’d like to stay connected with, and most importantly, being part of something that in my view will be (if it isn’t already) THE gold standard for social media events in this part of the world within the next couple of years. A big thanks to Rajesh Lalwani and the entire India Social gang for making it all happen.

until next time, real socialising :)

PS: Coverage on Exchange4Media