I suspect I’ll have to lunch/dine out pretty much every single day at least for a month if I have to keep up with the number of restaurants that are opening in Indiranagar. One of the most prominent places that have sprung up in Spring-Summer 2017 is Bombay Brasserie. No prizes for guessing that it’s on 12th Main, though on the side closer to 80 ft Road. (map) I think they must have hit a wall trying to find space on the other side. (The Dravids stay there. #getit ūüėČ )

Anyway, we landed up on a Sunday afternoon without a reservation, mostly because they wouldn’t take a reservation. It was crowded as expected, and we were told that there would be a waiting time of around 45 minutes. I pictured myself braving the Whitefield-Indiranagar traffic on another weekend, and immediately expressed my deep appreciation for the short waiting time. But the lady at the reception was absolutely ‘crabby’ – tough countenance but total¬†softie inside, since we got the table in less than 20 minutes! And that too, a lovely swing from which one could see the road.¬†The decor consists of what is now becoming a standard – quirky furniture and showpieces (that Remington typewriter!), and a white-teal-blue colour scheme. But this has been done really well, with plenty of well arranged seating space, giving a lively yet relaxing vibe. I’m sure it looks even prettier at night.

collage 1

We had had enough time to study the menu, and immediately asked for a Sailor’s Spiced and a Calcutta Kick. Unfortunately, the latter wasn’t available, so D¬†chose a Fauji Party Special as the replacement. I got a dirty look for bringing up jawans on the border. Speaking of border, we also ordered a Naga Ghost Pepper Wings and a Kheema Aloo Pie with Bun Maska. I absolutely loved my drink – Dark rum with tabasco, and tempered with Ginger Ale, though even the tempering couldn’t reduce the awesome spice much! The other drink was also dark rum based, with more of a masala flavour thanks to the kala namak and the chaat masala. We never got the masala peanut chaat that was promised with it though! The wings were a slow burner, but combined with my drink,¬†I was getting a spice trip well and truly! In fact, it made me imagine that I got a call from the restaurant saying that my table was ready! D said I wasn’t imagining it, but then she was drinking rum too! The Kheema was flavourful, and mellow enough to give the tongue a break from all the chilli.

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After gauging our appetite levels and the strength of the desserts menu, we asked for a single main course dish – Bombay Dabba Gosht, with a couple of Chur Chur Parathas to go with it. The mutton was fantastic – extremely well cooked mutton and a superb gravy¬†supposedly made in the Bohri style, topped with a fried egg. The paratha, though tasty, was almost an ‘Amit‘ version of our very own Kerala Porotta. Generous on quantity, since we were quite stuffed. The High Chai menu starts at 3.30, but desserts were available all day. So, after much deliberation, we agreed on the Anglo Indian Bread Pudding. Sinfully rich, especially when paired with that custard!

On another visit, I also tried the Old Delhi Murg Boti with Butter Roomali. Tasty, and surprisingly filling!

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All of that cost us a little under Rs.3000. Ah well, it’s 12th Main, and there’s enough of a crowd willing to pay that price for a good meal.

Bombay Brasserie, 2989/B, 12th Main Road, Indiranagar, HAL 2nd Stage, Indiranagar Ph: 49652784