The plan originally was to go Irish House or Social, but as we entered Phoenix Market City, we noticed a new signage. A quick Zomato search showed me a menu that was very, very appealing! So, after business as usual at the mall, we headed over to Shizusan on the food court floor. At 7 PM, we had no problem finding a table. We contemplated sitting outside, but the one seat that offered a good view of the mall was already taken, so we decided the well lit, very pretty indoors was the better place to be. The seating is largely functional, though the chairs do exhibit a sense of aesthetics. The greenery on the ceiling is unfortunately unreal, but thankfully doesn’t really take away from the effect.  There’s some very elegant art at one corner that brings out the cuisine theme, and the only sore thumb in this entire set up are the table tops, which reminded me of very old restaurants. I refuse to believe there is anything related to the theme at work here!

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Our first selections from the drinks menu weren’t available. I then asked for “The ‘Piss Alley’ Cat” and D got herself a Wasabi & Basil Bloody Mary. For a change, I got a great drink. This one is apparently named after a counter-culture drinking street in Tokyo, and the combination of Jim Beam, apple juice and a tinge of green chili only strengthened my resolve to visit Japan at some point! D’s Bloody Mary had a very subtle wasabi flavour, and with the Hawaiian black salt rim, it took the drink a notch higher than the usual. The menu had loads of sushi options, but there was just too many other favourites! We started with the Poached Chicken dumplings. The well cooked and superbly textured chicken with celery was only half the story, the hero of it was a fantastic tangy broth that it came in! Slurp fest happened. After that, the Pork & Jalapeno Gua Bao was a mild letdown. The pork belly was a little too squishy for our liking, but the dish aced on the flavour count.

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These days, our fondness for Korean food is on a high. And thus, when a Gochujang Buri Bop was spotted, the decision was clear, despite some hefty competition being around! Made in a traditional hot stone bowl, and finished at the table with a few minutes of cooking time for the beef, this was terrific stuff. The only missing part was the charred rice that usually happens, but that’s fine. Desserts was another difficult decision making process, and we finally went with the Tender Coconut Cheesecake. Really liked it in terms of both texture as well as the subtle flavour (both helped by pieces of tender coconut). Only the candied pink ginger turned out a little bitter.

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The bill came to a little over Rs.2600, and it was actually lesser than we thought it would be, given cocktails were at Rs.495 and such. The service was top notch, and together with the lively music, it made for a great experience. We’re most definitely going to drop in again soon.

Shizusan Shophouse and Bar, 2nd Floor, Phoenix Market City, Mahadevapura Ph: 67266655