The last time I visited the part of the world called Seegehalli, Uber made it seem like it was a rural heartland and therefore not a place it would operate in. That’s one of the reasons why we delayed the visit. That, and the fact that their brewery took a while to start. During the long weekend in the beginning of October, we felt adventurous and Uber was in a cooperative mood, and we finally decided to make the trip. There’s something about late Saturday lunches and craft brew that’s very appealing! :)

Red Rhino is perched on top of MK Retail (map), taking up a couple of floors. Very tastefully done, with lots of wood furniture and decor, a stage for live music, and an alfresco section, the place gave us a sense of comfort very quickly. It helped that that it wasn’t very crowded. We sat on the upper floor with a fantastic view of ‘rural’ Whitefield. :)

collage 1

Samplers of the 5 craft beers were up for free if you liked their Facebook page. That helped since they served only 500 ml. The¬†Hefeweizen seemed a little insipid, so we went for GPB – a feisty blonde lager, and the seasonal beer, which had an excellent cinnamon flavour. The Red Rhino Chili Chicken, inspired by the Andhra RR recipe, seemed like a worthy companion for the drinks. Red wasn’t the colour, green was, but the chili was spot on. Phenomenally good for sinuses! :) On a relative scale, the Lemon Basil Chicken was less spicy. Served with a cucumber and carrot salad, this is probably best for those who want spice but also don’t want to go overboard with it.

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After scanning the rest of the menu and realising that we weren’t really in the mood for pizzas, burgers, standard mains etc, we decided to order some dim sum. Steamed Chicken, Ginger and Scallion looked like a good combination. The texture was a tad chewier than what we would have liked, but the filling itself was very good. The Ravioli with grilled vegetables and creamy herb sauce was very appealing and we asked for the chicken version. Proved to be a good choice, the ravioli got the flavour and texture right, and the sauce was lip-smacking good.

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The wallet damage was a little less than Rs.2300. The service was friendly and prompt. The ambience was lovely and the playlist¬†did a great job of enhancing it. We’ll most definitely be back.

Red Rhino, 4th Floor, Uptown Square, Seegehalli, Hoskote Road, Whitefield Ph: 49653442